Someone told me once, I live so far north, a barbed wire fence and tumble weed were the only things separating us from the Artic! I agree. Especially when I stepped outside this morning and the thermometer on our garage informed me it was zero! I always think of Narnia when winter arrives. I especially, think of Narnia, when the first snow fall of winter arrives. In the most beloved story, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, the White Witch casts a spell on Narnia and it’s always winter and never Christmas. It makes me cold to think about it. If I remember correctly, it was almost a week ago, we were blessed, with a sneak peak at springtime. We had a couple of days when the weather warmed up, just a little, and I was able to get outside and go for walks. The air, on my face was cool, but the sunshine was bright and beautiful. Sadly, winter returned with it’s cold temperatures, frosty wind chills and snowfall. In Narnia, Aslan breaks the spell of the White Witch and springtime returns to that wondrous and magical land. I hope, very soon, Aslan breaks the spell Old Man Winter has cast across this land and springtime will soon be here. Until then, I will sit by our fire, with a cup of hot tea, a good book and look forward to the day the temperatures will be warmer, the grass will be green and the flowers will bloom.

Tales of Goldstone Wood

I encourage you to read “Tales of Goldstone Wood” by Anne Elisabeth Stengl and you will embark on a wondrous journey through a land described, rich in vivid detail and full of wonder. The author has created a most enchanting world, next to Narnia, a reader could possible find in literature. I encourage you to journey through a place where you will discover lovable characters and monumental challenges. Enjoy!
1.) Heartless
2.) Veiled Rose
3.) Starflower
4.) Dragonwitch
5.) Goddess Tithe
6.) Shadow Hand (on the bookshelves in March)
7.) Golden Daughter (on the bookshelves in November)