Oh my goodness! I just downloaded it on my kindle!

I am so excited! I love Raleigh Harmon and Sibella Giorello has released a new Raleigh Harmon mystery.

“STONE AND SPARK” is available. That’s right. I have it on my kindle. YAY! Raleigh Harmon is an FBI agent and a forensics geologist. Did I spell that right? I guess I did, the spell check is okay with it. Anyway, the Raleigh mysteries are great stories. Check out her website at: http://www.sibellagiorello.com

I will leave you with a list of the Raleigh Harmon mysteries. Hopefully they are in the correct order.

1.) The Stones Cry Out

2.) The Rivers Run Dry

3.) The Clouds Roll Away

4.) The Mountains Bow Down

5.) The Stars Shine Bright

6.) Stone and Spark

Read them and enjoy!



The Prayer Box by Lisa Wingate

teacup 002 I liked Tandi, baggage and all! If I was to describe Tandi in one word I would describe her as, thirsty. Tandi leaves Texas with her two children and rents a cottage on Hatteras Island. She’s a struggling single mother. When her neighbor, Iola Anne passes away, Tandi is hired to clean the historic home where Iola resided. In the process, Tandi discovers a “prayer box.” As Tandi begins to read the life journey of Iola, she discovers Iola was a woman of faith, blessing those around her in ways they never knew. This was such a good story. I cried at the end. It was the first time I had read a book by Lisa Wingate and I will continue to read her books in the future.

Runaway Saint by Lisa Samson

I can always count on Lisa Samson to write a good story and “Runaway Saint,” is another good one!  I liked all the characters in this story . . . the eccentric . . . the quirky . . . and, I want to add, Sara and Finn own an interesting business.

Well, when Sara was a child, Aunt Bel, traveled to Kazakhstan on a summer mission trip and did not return. Family? What can you say about family? And this family is no exception, a family with secrets. Now, many years later, Aunt Bel arrives unexpectedly and ends up living with Sara and Finn. As the days pass, life, always interesting, stories unfold, and secrets are revealed. If you like stories about families, this is the book for you. This book has so much interesting “Stuff” in it. I liked it.





For the Love of Pete by Debby Mayne

Clearly, yes clearly, the title of this book caught my eye! “For the Love of Pete,” is my kind of title for a book. Toss together a timid widow, a cluttered house, bossy and busybody friends and family, a festival, parade, garden club and a gentle plumber, and you have Bloomfield! Bloomfield is a town of almost 10,000 people and one squawking, talking bird. VisitEllaBooks 005 the town of Bloomfield, stay awhile, I think you’ll be glad you did.

Cozy Mysteries

So, I decided to walk downtown today and as I strolled, cautiously watching for ice and mud on the sidewalks, I thought of cozy mysteries. You might ask, why were you thinking about cozy mysteries? Well, I stopped and took a gander at the books in the little free library. There may have been a cozy mystery in that mix of books, I really don’t remember, which would have started my thought processes moving in the direction of mysteries. I’m also reading a cozy mystery, at the present time, so that might be the reason I was thinking of these fun stories as I meandered downtown.

Cozy Mysteries seem to be so incredibly popular right now. Every time I go to the book store, I wander to the mystery section and the shelves are loaded with cozy mysteries. I decided to do some checking to discover the definition of a cozy mystery. Certainly, not all mystery writer’s write cozy mysteries! I discovered, and this is my opinion, based upon research and my own experience, a cozy mystery is a fun, quick, light hearted mystery story, laced with humor. The sleuth is an amateur and is usually female. I have noticed that there is usually at least one character in the mystery who is eccentric. These mysteries have very little, if any profanity, and one can certainly cozy up on the sofa or squishy chair with a steaming hot drink in the winter or a refreshing icy cold drink in the summer and immerse oneself in these enjoyable books.

There are so many good authors who write cozy mysteries, way to many to list, however, my personal favorite cozy mysteries are the Gertie Johnson mysteries by Deb Baker. Gertie Johnson lives in the Upper Peninsula, Michigan and with her two faithful friends, they solve murder mysteries. Gertie is in her sixties and she is a piece of work. I laugh out loud every time I read a Gertie Johnson mystery. Deb Baker has written some highly entertaining mysteries. I’m not sure I have even solved any of these murder mysteries. I’m going to list the Gertie Johnson Mysteries and I will do my best to list them in the order they were published.

1.) Murder Passes the Buck

2.) Murder Grins and Bears It

3. Murder Talks Turkey

4.) Murder Trims the Tree

5.) Murder Bites the Bullet

6.) Murder Comes in Threes

7. Murder Begins at Home


The Duchess and the Dragon by Jamie Carie

Oh my goodness! I loved it! Jamie Carie writes tender, passionate Christian romance stories. I am never disappointed. In this story, Drake Weston, Duke of Northumberland, finds himself disinherited and fleeing to America on a ship transporting indentured servants. Truth be told, the voyage was described so artfully, I almost jumped overboard and swam ashore to escape the horror!

Serena Winter, a Quaker woman, assists in the care of the sick, who arrive in Philadelphia on these ships. Drake, ill from his voyage, meets Serena and the two enter into a romance that kept me reading, eagerly turning each page . . . *****

morebooks 001

Shadow Hand by Anne Elisabeth Stengl

Oh my goodness! As I find myself once again, gladly, beginning my journey into Goldstone Wood, I discover Daylily, fleeing into the Wilderland, on her wedding day. Foxbrush, the groom, decides to pursue his lovely bride-to-be, and so I, along with Daylily and Foxbrush, enter a land where adventure awaits us. I discover old friends, I mean really, who doesn’t love “Eanrin?” And, I meet new characters, unknown to me from past books.

This was a difficult book to put down. If you’ve never read any of the books in this series, I recommend you read them in order or, you might be a little confused. All the Tales of Goldstone Wood are so good and worth every minute you spend reading these amazing stories!Anne 002

The Face of the Earth by Deborah Raney

This is one captivating story! I read this book straight through, couldn’t put it down! I like stories about missing persons. I like the missing person to be found and I like to hear their story, from their own lips. I want to hear from them personally, what were the events leading up to their disappearance, why did they choose to leave instead of staying and fighting whatever caused them to flee. Are they running from something or are they running to something? After they disappeared, where did they live, how did they eat? When the investigator starts the backward journey, to find the missing person, I am right there with that person, nosing around, questioning, peeking into private affairs. Sadly, in some stories about missing people, the missing person is found dead, murdered or an accident. Then, I rely on family and friends to tell me the story. “The Face of the Earth,” is another good story of a missing person. Jill is returning home from a conference. She leaves a cheerful message, for her husband, on their answering machine. Hours later, she is missing, apparently vanished off the earth. (Oh. I don’t believe in alien abductions). With dead ends and the absence of clues, I was mystified. If you like a good missing person mystery, this is the book for you! Enjoy!