Linda Hall

Linda Hall is a mystery writer I have enjoyed over the past few years. I especially like the Teri Blake-Addison series. Recently I have discovered Linda’s short stories. They vary in length, but I think you can read any one of her short stories in thirty minutes or less. She has written many books, which I will not list here, however I would like to mention her short stories, at least the short stories I’ve read.

“Amber Waves,” is the story of a married woman, living on a farm, yearning for the ocean of her childhood.

“A Season of Magic,” is a story full of wonder and magic. I loved it. This one was my favorite.

“White Christmas Pansies,” tells of a troubled marriage during the Christmas season.

“Weather Ladies,” is a story of misunderstandings and tragedy. If Hitchcock were alive, I think he would create a screenplay for this one or maybe even television!

In “The Hockey Bag,”  we meet Skinner, a biker, married with one child. He discovers a hockey bag, takes it home with him, and he gets so much more than he bargained for.

I downloaded all of these on my kindle! I hope you enjoy them!



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