Happy Reading

I have a kindle. That’s right, I do. I bought my kindle a few years ago and I have 145 books on my kindle, so, I use it. I hear many comments about kindle versus books. Some say, books are better. These people like to hold a book in their hands, feel the book, and read it. Others prefer technology. I like holding a book and I like my kindle. So, I’m a, I like them both person. Now, my husband, prefers the actual book. In my opinion, a book is a book, whether the reader is reading a book on a kindle or holding the book in hand. It’s the same story, written by the same author. Now, I have not been happy with kindle accessories. I purchased a light for my kindle. I don’t like the light, it’s awkward and falls off the kindle, and I haven’t used it in a long time. I purchased a clear protector to protect my kindle. I don’t like it. It’s blah. So, I don’t purchase any more accessories. I am happy with my kindle though and will be using it for along time to come. However, I like ordering books from the library and purchasing books from different locations, so I will continue to read books in that form also. Whether you like a kindle or a book, happy reading!


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