I interrupt this book . . .

morebooks 004YES! I interrupt this book to bring you a spring time announcement! The first flowers of spring are here! Yes! After my morning cuppa, I strolled outside. I was working in the corner garden in our backyard, which, by the way, is doing awesome, anyway, I digress, after working for awhile, I meandered into the house for liquid refreshment. I gazed outside our kitchen and what do I see? In our neighbor’s garden, next to their house, are the first flowers of spring! I almost choked on my icy tea. I raced up the stairway, grabbed my camera, slipped on my sandals and dashed outside. I snapped the photo you see here. Well, not exactly here, but here on this blog post here. We will see flowers in our yard later in May and early June and on into the summer. I am reading, “Dancing with Fireflies, by Denise Hunter, and I will get back to you on that. I love the name of her book! Happy Spring! Happy reading!


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