118-1900_IMG 119-1947_IMG 119-1964_IMG Rowdster2014 004 Drum roll please! I would like to introduce to you Rowdy, our 11 year old border collie. She’s a sweetheart, and, OH, just so you know, she’s the smartest dog in the world! Just an FYI there! Seriously! What? Who wasn’t being serious? Anyway, our Rowdy came to live with us 10 1/2 years ago! That’s right. We adopted her from the humane society. She was a timid six month old puppy with a long tail! I remember when I picked her up, she wrapped herself around my neck and refused to come down. When I took her to the Vet, for the first time, the Vet examined her – wrapped around my neck! You might ask, what is the funniest thing she ever did? I laugh just thinking about it! One night, my husband rolled out a sleeping bag on the floor to watch TV. He had a pillow and was settled into a comfy position. Well, naturally, he fell asleep. After a short time, Rowdy nudged him awake. She needed to go outside and do her business, or so we thought. So, Rick got up and walked to our back door and opened it. Rowdy disappeared. He didn’t think much about it. It was dark outside. He thought she was doing her business. When he returned to his cozy bed on the floor, there was Rowdy, curled up into a comfy position, sleeping peacefully. She herded him to the back door so she could steal his cozy bed and pillow! I laughed so hard! I think that is my favorite story about Rowdy. You might ask, what is the naughtiest thing she has ever done? Oh my! My. My. My. Rowdy hates cats! She chases them! My. My. My. We love our Rowdy. I call her the Rowdster and Boobalee! Now that she is an older dog, she has a thyroid problem and she’s on medication for that. She has a couple of lumps on her body, but our Vet assures us it is fatty tissue. I don’t know how many more years we will have her, but while she is with us, we love her and love her and love her. She takes good care of us. She is one awesome dog.

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