“Im a little teapot . . . “

tea 005One afternoon, a friend of mine and I, stopped at a business that sells pretty much everything you could need for your home, old and new, rustic and country. I saw this pewter teapot and I decided to buy it. As I got out my money, I realized I didn’t have enough money on me to purchase it, so my friend and I rummaged and dug for any change we had, deep in the recesses of our bags, to buy this interesting item. After several minutes of searching, we finally counted out the exact amount in dollars, nickels, dimes, quarters and pennies. I happily walked out of the store with my teapot. Later, that day, when we returned to my house, I reimbursed her for her part in the purchase. I think he’s a nice addition to my teapot collection. Happy day!


2 thoughts on ““Im a little teapot . . . “

  1. You have so many neat teapots! I didn’t realize you had such an expansive collection, Fran! Ya learn something new every day ! :). where do you keep them all??? 🙂

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    • lol. Some of them are in the china hutch, some are on the “way up high shelf,” and the remainder of the teapots are here and there.

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