I love to hike in the mountains! I would gladly live high on a mountain with the bears, if the opportunity ever presented itself! So naturally I hike in the mountains whenever I can.

Today, I met a friend, at a local bistro. I will call her Daisy. Somehow the topic of discussion turned to hiking. I mentioned we might go to Wyoming this summer for vacation. Daisy mentioned the Black Hills of South Dakota. She was sharing with me, members of her family had hiked up Harney Peak.

I replied, “I hiked up Harney Peak a few years ago. It was a nice hike. We met several people on horseback and there was an old ranger lookout station at the top.” It has an amazing view, one could see for miles, across the Black Hills and beyond. I suggested she ride a horse up to Harney Peak, but she expressed concerns.

Daisy said, “I hiked around Sylvan Lake!” I laughed so hard. Sylvan Lake is a lovely area in Custer State Park, in the Black Hills. It’s probably one mile or just a little over a mile hike around the lake. Flat surface. It’s an easy hike which can be enjoyed by any age.

I couldn’t stop laughing. I asked, “Daisy, do you know where Rick and I have hiked? You would die if you saw the places Rick and I have hiked. We’ve hiked with the grizzly bears! We’ve hiked across the continental divide!”

She was laughing so hard and I was laughing. I’m sure people were staring at us.

Seriously, Rick and I have seen grizzly bears in the wild! lol! One day I will take Daisy on vacation with us!

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