Elizabeth George Speare

morebooks 002In “The Witch of Blackbird Pond,” Kit, a sixteen year old girl, was raised by her grandfather on the island of Barbados. When her grandfather dies, she sails for Connecticut where she must live with her aunt and uncle. Quite a change, to say the least! Kit becomes friends with Hannah Tupper, an interesting older woman who lives alone. The colonists believe Hannah is a witch. Not good! This is a Newbery Medal winner! I liked “The Witch of Blackbird Pond.” As kids read the story, there might be many questions in regard to this book, so, I recommend that an adult read the story also.

“The Sign of the Beaver,” is a Newbery Honor book! It’s another great story by Elizabeth George Speare! Matt, a twelve year old boy and his father, travel to the wilderness of Maine, to build a cabin for their family. Once the cabin is built, Matt’s father travels to retrieve the remainder of their family and Matt stays at the cabin alone. This is a great adventure story. Matt is so courageous, but he does face some challenges. He becomes friends with an Indian chief and his grandson. As the months go by and his family does not return, he must decide if he should give up on seeing his family again and move north with the Indians. I think this would be a great story for a family to read together!

“The Bronze Bow,” is another Newbery Medal winner! I think any youngster who reads this story will have many questions. This is a rich and satisfying story of Daniel, a young man consumed in hatred and anger and his journey to understand and accept love.


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