Favorite Reads Spring 2014

Oh my goodness. Choosing my favorite reads is so difficult! I read so many good books! In the past, I would choose my favorite reads, for the entire year, every December, but that got a little overwhelming, so I decided to – make the pick – seasonally. Drum roll please!

1.) “Stone and Spark,” by Sibella Giorella

This is a Raleigh Harmon mystery! Raleigh Harmon is one of my favorite female,      fictional characters. For those of you who are familiar with Raleigh Harmon, in, Stone and Spark, Raleigh is a teenager and her father is alive! If you’ve never read these captivating stories, you could start with Stone and Spark. I recommend this book for adults and teenagers.

2.) “The Map Across Time,” by C.S. Lakin.

This incredible, very difficult book to put down,  is in “The Gates of Heaven” Series. These books need to be read in order! A journey – great plot – head spinning twists and turns! Read it! I recommend it for adults, teens, pre-teens!

3.) “Runaway Saint,” by Lisa Samson.

Lisa Samson writes another good story. In this one, an aunt disappears for many years and one day surprisingly returns. I loved every character in this story. I thought everything described, was so colorful, in a sense. Lisa Samson never disappoints. I can’t say I’ve read all of her books, but the stories I have read, have all been good. She’s a wonderful story teller. I recommend this book for older teens and adults.


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