“Sea Change,” by Karen White.

read 001Well! What to say, what to say? Mmmm. “Sea Change,” is a story about a newlywed couple. The story is also a mystery. Until the end, I thought the book had a melancholy tone or maybe, – it was foreboding. But while I was reading this interesting book, I kept saying, where is the author going with this story? I thought it was difficult to make a connection, if that makes sense?

Ava is a midwife and her new husband, Matthew, is a child psychologist. After they elope, they live in Matthew’s ancestral home off the coast of Georgia. Shortly after Ava marries Matthew, she discovers his first wife died in an accident. His deceased wife’s death is shrouded in mystery.

I thought – while reading Sea Change – a little bit of “Rebecca,” by Daphne du Maurier.

I thought the author’s writing style was sublime. At the conclusion, she did a wonderful job of pulling all the loose ends together. This is only the second book I’ve read by Karen White, and I have mixed feelings about Sea Change. However, if you do decide to read it, Enjoy!

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