“The Ordinary Princess,” by M. M. Kaye

books 010When I saw the picture of the Princess on the cover of this book, I instantly fell in love with her. I wanted to read the book. She’s perfect. This is a delightful story about an ordinary Princess.

She is the seventh daughter born to King Huldebrand and Queen Rodehesia. The Ordinary Princess has an extraordinarily long name, so she is called, Princess Amy. Oh my goodness. When the christening day arrives, all the fairies proclaim wonderful blessings upon the Princess, however, when the last fairy announces her gift, she clearly states, the Princess will be ordinary. Of all the . . . However, I love her and I believe she is the most wonderful Princess in the royal family.

This children’s book is beautifully written and I found myself wanting to join the Princess, on her adventures in the forest, play, explore and become friendly with the wildlife. The drawings are charming, fun, and they capture the story so well. I loved them all. I highly recommend this book for girls from 5 to 105! It’s a lovely story.

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