Well, my goodness . . .

Yesterday I read, “Armored Hearts (Armored Hearts, #1)” and “Winter Fae (Armored Hearts, #0.5).”  Armored Hearts is Steampunk/Fantasy/Romance. I don’t recall ever reading Steampunk in the past. I read Armored Hearts – totally – out of curiosity. I wanted to discover Steampunk. I liked it!

Tristan Gareth Smyth is bound to a wheelchair. One day, he rescues a girl falling from a tree and discovers something about himself that surprises him and changes his life. Let me tell you – it surprised this reader also! There were several surprises in this story and I was captivated. I turned my kindle pages and wouldn’t quit until I finished this extraordinary book.

I was amazed and delighted with the inventions in the story. I thought they were creative, revealed ingenuity and meticulous thought in the inventor!

In a nutshell, it was just a really fun read! I am looking forward to the next book in this series.

Winter Fae is a short story that will answer a couple of questions the reader might have after reading Armored Hearts. I thought Winter Fae was sad, however, it was imaginative and full of wonder.

Winter Fae can be read before or after Armored Hearts.

A big “shout out” to Pauline Creeden and Melissa Turner Lee, the authors of these creative stories!


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