The Mystery of the Pilgrim Trading Post

This book was published in 1964! I found this book at Junk Fest. When I saw it was a mystery, I didn’t want to pass it up. I bought it! It’s a “Weekly Reader Children’s Book Club Edition.” How about that? The treasures one can find at Junk Fest!

The ancestral home is going to be destroyed, to be replaced with a bridge! So, twins Will and Lettie Dennis and their cousin Jonas Wingate travel to the coast of Maine to visit Cousin Mary Peter Tibbetts and to see their ancestral home before it is no more. From the description the author, Anne Mollow, gives the reader in the story, it’s an impressive house and shouldn’t be destroyed!  The family believes it was the first place where the Pilgrims traded with the Indians. If this is true, the house cannot be destroyed because it is a historic location. And so, the mystery begins.

I liked it. I thought it was a fun mystery for kids. There are sketches throughout the book and I enjoyed the drawings also. I didn’t read anything in the book that would date it. If the cover was changed and the clothing the characters wore in the sketches were updated, the mystery could be for any young person in any decade.

book 001


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