Tales From the Wilderness

Ah yes – Fetterman Road! Oh the memories! After we loaded our vehicle with camping equipment, Doodles, our dog jumped in the back seat and we were off to Medicine Bow National Forest, Wyoming. Ahh! I saw your eyebrows go up when you read “Doodles.” Doodles was a great dog. She was Australian Cattle dog/Border Collie, and she was the smartest dog in the world! Her name was Snicker Doodles, but we shortened it to Doodles because Snicker Doodles was a mouth full to say! Sadly, she died early in life, but that’s another story.

So, we’re off. I was driving and Rick was the navigator. When Rick told me to turn onto a highway, I slowed the vehicle down and gazed ahead of me. The highway started as a dirt road! I was apprehensive – to say the least. Doodles was sitting between us looking out the front window of the car. I think she was apprehensive too! However, she was so excited to be on an adventure, she was ready for anything! So, I drove the car onto the dirt road, alias – a highway and we were off. Wildlife abounded! There were stretches with fenced in ranches. I don’t think we ever saw a house! We saw mailboxes and signs indicating there were homes and people somewhere in the area, but I don’t remember ever seeing a house! The road became narrow. At times the “highway” was paved. We traveled onward. At some time, Rick became the driver and I took pictures. We pressed on and the road – alias highway – became more and more narrow. I was wondering what we would do if we met another vehicle on the road. Vegetation hung over the road, scraping our windshield and the top of the vehicle, but we managed to squeeze through. Several times I wanted to turn back, but we pressed onward and forward. At times it was dark with vegetation and it was a little creepy and unnerving. We laughed and joked about the “highway” we were driving on. We drove slowly, creeping along as the narrow road stretched out before us. There wasn’t a person to be found, no one to ask for directions. If we had turned into a questionable driveway, to find a house, we didn’t know how long the drive would be to the house, so we pressed on. I don’t remember how long we were on this “highway” – but – it seemed quite suddenly, we came to the end of Fetterman Road and saw before us  – an INTERSTATE! We were exactly where we were suppose to be! We drove into Medicine Bow, found a rustic campsite and had a great week. Doodles was a natural at camping and had great fun. Rick and I still laugh about our experience with Fetterman Road! It truly was a successful shortcut to our destination. Months later, Rick met a new co-worker, where he worked, who also knew and experienced Fetterman Road.


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