The Penderwicks on Gardem Street

What a treasure! Okay Penderwick family, the house on the corner, in our neighborhood is for sale! I would like you to buy that house and move in – we would be fast friends! Hound Penderwick is also, more than welcome!

In the prologue of this story, it is a little sad. The author takes us to a time when Mrs. Penderwick is alive. Even though it is sad, I was happy to get a glimpse, of the mother, of these amazing girls.

So, in this book, Martin Penderwick – Dr. Martin Penderwick I might add, is going to D A T E! I can’t even say the word, I had to spell it! So, the four Penderwick girls – Rosalind, Skye, Jane and Batty – and of course, Hound Penderwick have an emergency MOPS meeting. And of course, the Save Daddy Plan is put into action!

This book was such a FUN read. I laughed and laughed. I read parts of the story out loud to my husband. The Penderwicks are so much fun, loveable and the adventures are incredible! Read, read, read the Penderwick books.  ENJOY! Jeanne Birdsall your stories rock!

lovebooks 007



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