“The Sayers Swindle,” by Victoria Abbott

I was bamboozled! That’s right, I admit it. I was bamboozled! It wasn’t the first time I’ve been deceived by a mystery, however, this one was a . . . well, I think I must quote another author so as to describe this mystery as it should be described. “The game is afoot.” -Arthur Conan Doyle, Adventure of the Abbey Grange.

This is “A Book Collector Mystery,” and it is a good one. I was hoodwinked, deluded, tricked, mystified, that’s right, I was. And, I like that in a mystery!

Jordan is searching for missing books. Vera Van Alst, Jordan’s employer, is an avid collector of rare books. Well, she is anything but happy when she learns some of her books are missing. Jordan tracks the missing books to a sweet, older man – Randolph. However, there are complications. Randolph and his family disappear and OH NO – a dead man is discovered. YIKES!

REALLY GOOD MYSTERY! I liked it! YAY! ***** 5 mystified, hoodwinked, bamboozled and deluded stars!

sayers 001 www.victoria-abbott.com



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