“Four Weddings and a Kiss”

“Four Weddings and a Kiss” is a collection of four short western romance stories. They were all good, however, I do have one I liked the best. I normally do.

“Spitfire Sweetheart,” by Mary Connealy is the story of Maizy and Rylan. Maizy isn’t a proper lady! Shocker! She wears britches! Scandalous to say the least. She can ride, rope, shoot and ranch with the best of them. One day Ryan is seriously injured and Maizy nurses him back to health. Well . . . we all know where this is going. “Spitfire Sweetheart” is an enjoyable story. If you love the west and a good romance, this is the short story for you.

“A Love Letter to the Editor,” by Robin Lee Hatcher is a sweet romance. Molly Everton enjoys writing for the local newspaper and she knows the business forward and backwards. Her dad hires Jack Ludgrove as the new editor and Molly doesn’t like it one bit. She wants the position of editor and Jack has to go! Well, Jack is up for the challenge, no problem there at all. This romance made my heart sigh. I thought the author did a nice job writing Jack and Molly’s story.

“A Cowboy for Katie,” by Debra Clopton was my favorite. I don’t recall ever reading a story by this author in the past. Katie Pearl, must rebuild her ranch, after a devastating tornado destroys – well, everything. She can’t rebuild her ranch alone, so she hires Treb Rayburn to help. I really liked Katie and Treb. Katie was so wounded and Treb was so gentle and kind to her. They were meant for each other. Really good story that grabbed my attention and held it. I read it straight through.

“Courting Trouble,” by Margaret Brownley. In a word, hilarious! Grace Davenport is a young widow in trouble. Her son, asks Brock Daniels, an attorney, to take her case. Well, he’s not sure he wants to take the case, until he meets Grace. Laugh outloud funny!

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