Do you have a Little Free Library?

FreeLittleLibrary 017 FreeLittleLibrary 010 FreeLittleLibrary 007 I am surprised at myself! This Little Free Library has been such a blessing in my life, including the couple who built it and placed it in this location, why oh why, didn’t I mention it before? This library has been in our neighborhood at least a year – maybe, a couple of months longer than a year. This summer it has been loaded with kids books. Our son and his wife have a foster daughter – well, this little free library has provided her with many enjoyable books! I highly encourage anyone – build one in your neighborhood. FUN!



One thought on “Do you have a Little Free Library?

  1. Hi sweet friend, I love your faithful blog & now your wonderful description of our little free library. We still want to have a Ltitle Free Library Potluck this summer so keep your eye out for posted signs. You are an amazing book worm & an inspiration. Blessings.

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