Cuckoo Clock

Cuckoo clocks are my favorite clocks. I have the old fashioned cuckoo clock, no batteries here, no way. I purchased my cuckoo in Frankenmuth, Michigan. I don’t even remember the year we visited Frankenmuth. I do remember the excitement I felt when I realized I was purchasing my first cuckoo clock. I chose this particular clock because it was the most colorful! I like color. –  Oh my goodness! My clock just cuckooed!!! – Anyway, I digress. After we purchased our cuckoo, we arrived home and mounted it on the wall, we noticed immediately, it cuckoos every thirty minutes. Mmmm. Well, the first night, we didn’t sleep much. The cuckoo woke us every thirty minutes. Oh! When it reached midnight and cuckooed twelve times, we were awake for awhile. However, as the days and the nights passed, the clock cuckooed right into the rhythm of our home. We slept through the nights again!

One day my cuckoo clock died. We searched for a cuckoo clock repair person and found one in Minneapolis. Phone calls were made, e-mails were sent and our cuckoo clock is repaired and mounted on the wall once again. My cuckoo whistles as it cuckoos and the steady tick tick tick of the clock is once again in our home. Thank-you Susan Wood Studio for repairing my cuckoo clock.

cuckoo 001


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