“The Ice Princess,” by Camilla Lackberg

In a Scandinavian seaside village, Alex, is discovered dead in her bathtub, and it is icky. That’s right, I said, icky. This is not a pretty story. The Ice Princess is a dark story with dark characters.

Detective Patrik Hedstrom was my favorite character. He wasn’t perfect, however, I thought the author did a good job creating a detective who knew how to investigate and wouldn’t quit until he solved the crime. He was placed in uncomfortable situations, faced individuals who committed shocking crimes and managed to remain human and likable in the midst of it all.

Erica, is a writer, and was Alex’s childhood best friend. Erica does her own investigation during the course of the story while dealing with problems of her own. As the mystery progresses, Erica and Patrik work together and uncover shocking information about Alex and the people who live in this small, seaside village.

This story grabbed my attention and held it. However, reader be warned, there is profanity in the story, the crime scenes are described in some messy detail and there is moderately described sex.

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