I Am Barrel Rider

Take a look. This is fun! Enjoy!

Ashlee Willis

Barrel-Rider quote

I’ve always loved Bilbo’s account of himself when being questioned by the dragon, Smaug. Even when his life is at stake, Bilbo manages to stay witty and even throws in a riddle or two.

So here’s the challenge: If you were to face a dragon with scales like tenfold shields, teeth like swords and wings like a hurricane, and this dragon demanded you to account for yourself … what would you say to him?

I can’t see myself giving any account at all, truth be told, other than perhaps a whimper or two. But let’s pretend you’ve kept your wits about you, maybe even some humor, and definitely creativity.

Here’s my try:

I am enchanted with enchantment, lover of love and hater of hatred. I chase dreams and words and images – and lash them onto pages. I am forest-walker, story-weaver, follower of the Grower of all trees, worshiper…

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