“Are You Ready For Some Football?”

It’s that time of year again! Football season is upon on us and the preseason is well under way! YAY!

I have a football story to tell, and some of you already know my story. However, I’m going to tell my story again. I really enjoy sharing my football story! lol. Anyway, I digress. We moved NORTH! We haven’t always lived NORTH. In the past, we lived south. Now, we live NORTH! (clearing throat sound) So, after we arrived NORTH, I was surrounded by footballs fans. They were everywhere. They were on every street corner, in every business. They proudly wore their Minnesota Vikings football shirts. I might add, there are a few Green Bay Packer fans, but mostly Vikings fans. So, as I couldn’t help but notice all the football enthusiasts, I started pondering football. After many musings, I decided I wanted to be a fan! I wanted to cheer on a football team, proudly wear the team jersey. Strut about in my teams colors, etc. So, fresh one season, I started watching football. I WATCHED football! I knew the teams, the quarterbacks, the rules – well, with the exception of pass interference I understood the rules. It took me two seasons to “get” pass interference. I was not concerned, the officials don’t even seem to understand pass interference! Once again, I digress. Immediately, I knew I wasn’t a Vikings fan. My husband is a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan. I scratched the Cowboys off the list right away. With two teams down, I continued to watch football. The season progressed. Well, one evening, Rick and I were watching a football game. Rick faithfully wore his Dallas Cowboys jersey. As we watched the game, I had made my decision. Drum roll please! As we sat on the couch in the living room, I announced in a clear voice,  “Ya know, I kinda like the Denver Broncos!” Rick growled! I laughed so hard. It was hilarious and one of my many fond memories of football! “Are you ready for some football?”

Teams I like:

1.) Denver Broncos

2.) Green Bay Packers (Brett Favre I miss you!)

3.) New York Giants

4.) Texas Texans


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