“Reunion of the Heart,” by Elaine Jeremiah

RotH-Cover I stayed awake late last night to finish reading this story – I have a slight headache this morning, but I’m ready to write.

After Anna breaks up with her unfaithful boyfriend, her best friend encourages Anna to attend their class reunion. I have never been to a class reunion because – I’ve never wanted to go and extensive traveling prevented me from attending. So, I don’t know the feelings and thoughts of a person who does decide to go and, Anna does not have happy memories from her school years. The heartbroken and vulnerable Anna, with her friend by her side, attends the reunion. At the event, they reconnect with friends from the past, and come face to face with the classmates who caused the painful recollections. “Reunion of the Heart,” is about friendships, the struggles of romantic relationships, and trying to deal with, forgive and overcome painful reflections of the past.

My heart went out to Anna, I felt she wanted to love and be loved.

Even though the characters in the story are thirtyish, I felt the book was written for a younger reader – probably young adult. The story is set in England, which I loved and there is some traveling, including a trip to Paris!

I need to mention the Elderflower Café. Perfect! I could clearly visualize Anna and I driving to the Elderflower Café together, laughing and talking as we travel. Then, once we arrive, finding a cozy, warm place to sit and sip our tasty drinks. Delightful!

If you enjoy chick lit and romance, check out “Reunion of the Heart.”

The author sent me a copy of her book in exchange for an honest review.

And a special thanks, to the author, for sending me a picture of the cover of her book.


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