I have a friend . . .

I have a friend who, in times past, lived near me, in this city near the polar ice caps! At the time, she worked for one of the television stations here in our cold city. She got off work after dark, which here is 4:00 in the afternoon (lol!), seriously though, she did get off work after dark and there were evenings we agreed to meet at a local coffee shop. I remember, at the time, thinking we were crazy! As I layered my clothes, my husband would warm up the vehicle. I would don myself with a wooly sweater topping off all the layers. I pulled on my jeans, winter socks and my boots, not forgetting my knit hat, warm coat and thick mittens. After grabbing my bag and giving my husband a sweet good-bye, I would ruffle up the dogs furry head and off I would go to brave the wind chill in the cold, dark night. Brrr! I can still feel that biting wind chill against my face as I hurried to the car. The streets were dangerous with patches of ice and snow, however, I drove on praying for safety as I went. I always breathed a sigh of relief when I discovered we both arrived safely at the warm, cozy coffee shop with the fireplace blazing and the hum of many conversations in the background as we greeted one another. As we sipped our steaming hot drinks, we talked about our day, usually humorous stories and any other tidbit of information we wanted to share. When it was time to depart, neither one of us wanted to face the nightmarish wind chill and I always asked her to call me after she arrived home safely. My friend moved to another state and I miss meeting her on those cold, dark nights. We keep in touch through e-mail and texting and I was thinking of her today and the times we shared at the coffee shop. I smile brightly!


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