“Song of Redemption,” by Lynn Austin

“Song of Redemption,” is the second book in the “Chronicles of the Kings.” I can give you my honest review of this book in one word, “Wow!” This book is so good! I read “Gods and Kings,” the first book in the series and it was Good! This second book is equally good! It is my opinion, the author’s research is extraordinary! I have the third book in the series, sitting on my dining room table, waiting for me to read it.

Jerusha has been abducted by the Assyrians. Not a good thing at all! She is a strong, young woman and greatly desires to live. Her part in this Biblical, historical fiction is so very important!

King Hezekiah is trying to make decisions that will protect his people from the invading Assyrian army. His stand to serve Yahweh is awesome!

I highly recommend this book!


1.) “Gods and Kings”

2.) “Song of Redemption”

3.) “The Strength of His Hand”

4.) “Faith of My Fathers”

5.) “Among the Gods”


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