Let’s crow about it!

As many of you know – those who read the twenty questions and answers – in my last post, you now know I can crow like a rooster. Well, funny you should mention that! I have a story to tell.

Rick and I went to couples camp one year with other married couples from our church. We were a lively bunch! Just to give an example, one prankster filled balloons with water, and placed them in someone’s bed. The prankster arranged the balloons and covered them with a blanket, in such a manner, that one would think a person was asleep in the bed. Well, needless to say, water balloon person, caused quite a kafuffle! So, on with my story. There were four couples who stayed awake late into the night. We told stories, laughed and had a rousing fun time, well into the early hours of the morning. I mentioned to the other three couples, I could crow like a rooster! So, of course, our eager friends wanted to hear me crow! So, there I was all through the night crowing my heart out! Our friends were surprised to hear the volume in which I could crow. It is loud! Yes, every few minutes I would crow – until I feel asleep. Zzzz.

The following morning at breakfast, the speaker for the couples camp was asked to pray for our morning meal. He prayed a typical prayer for the food and those who prepared the meal. As he summed up the prayer he said, “And thank-you God for finally putting the rooster to sleep!” Of course there was only one table of people at breakfast that morning where a resounding uproar in laughter spontaneously burst forth! And, for the remainder of the day, there was much chatter and guessing on who was the identity of the rooster!


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