“Burning Sky,” by Lori Benton.

Burning Sky Lori Benton

It was slow going, reading this book, sometimes ya just want to absorb the imagery and savor the story. So, these last hours, as the leaves fall from the trees and the rain moistens the earth, I finished reading, Burning Sky.

Willa Obenchain was abducted by the Mohawk Indians when she was fourteen years old. Now, twelve years later, she has returned to her family’s homestead in New York. A short distance, from her destination, she discovers a wounded Scotsman. Not wanting to leave him, she takes him to her childhood home and nurses his injuries. There have been many changes, since the war, one being, her parents are missing and it is rumored, they are Tories. When her Mohawk brother arrives, she is caught between two cultures and must find her way.

Burning Sky, or Willa Obenchain, was an amazing woman. She traveled alone to reach her parent’s homestead. When she discovered the wounded Scotsman, she built a travois, managed to place Mr. Neil MacGregor onto the travois and then pulled him to her parents cabin! Even if I was able to build a travois, I couldn’t haul an adult male onto the thing and then transport him to a cabin, even if the cabin was a few feet away! Willa was obviously one strong and sturdy woman. Neil MacGregor was hindered in helping Willa on the homestead because of his injuries, but he did what he could do. So, Willa prepares the ground for crops and then plants. Burning Sky is not a wimp! I think the most difficult challenge for Burning Sky was being caught between two worlds. She wasn’t a Mohawk by birth and she didn’t fit into the world of the white woman. She didn’t have it easy.

Lori Benton did a wonderful job describing frontier life and the aftermath of the Revolutionary War! Good story – well written!

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Good morning! Welcome Monday!

"Then was our mouth filled with laughter..The Lord hath done great things..." Psalm 126:2....by artist Susan WheelerIt’s a beautiful morning, fresh from a night of rain. I haven’t blogged in a few days because I have been on an adventure! That’s right, I’m reading, “Burning Sky,” by Lori Benton. It’s a good book and I do recommend it. I walked downtown to the bakery two days ago. As I enjoyed my large dark decadent cup of hot chocolate, I read my book. There were four friendly people sitting at the table next to me. The gentlemen asked me, what was I reading. I showed him “Burning Sky.” I told him and his friends, briefly, what the story was about. After taking pen and paper out of his pocket, he wrote down the name of the book and the author. He told me his wife would like to read “Burning Sky.”

Have  a wonderful day. Happy Reading!

“The Paris Connection”

The Paris ConnectionThere seemed to be quite a bit of excitement surrounding the release of this book several weeks ago. I delayed reading it – although, I don’t know why – I need to say, “sacre’ bleu!  “The Paris Connection,” by Cerella Sechrist is a clean romance! Oh! I loved it!

Emma is a single mother, with a very good job in Paris. There is a merger of a New York based company with the French company where Emma is employed. Emma is against the merger. She also looses a much wanted promotion when Cole, a good looking American, is chosen for the position. Emma is assigned to be Cole’s liaison to Paris and gradually this handsome American wins her heart.

I really don’t know what else to say – I loved it! It was charming, cute, fun and there wasn’t any profanity. I liked the Paris location, with a brief trip to New York. Read it! Very satisfying, feel good kinda story.



“The Butterfly and the Violin,” by Kristy Cambron

My review of "The Butterfly and the Violin" by Kristy Cambron“The Butterfly and the Violin,” is a beautiful story. While I read this book, I experienced a reverence, which I will not soon forget. One would think, a story set in WWII, would not be beautiful, but this one is. The story actually moves back and forth from the present time to WWII.

Sera James owns an art gallery in Manhattan. She is searching for a WWII era portrait, a young violinist with blue eyes. William Hanover is the grandson of a wealthy California real estate mogul. William is also searching for the painting. Sera and William come together in the story and decide to join forces in their search for the art work

Adele Von Bron is the talented daughter of a high-ranking member of the Third Reich. Adele is sent to Auschwitz when it is discovered she is aiding the Jews.

When one thinks of Auschwitz, there is so much disease, suffering and death, while the reader does see the suffering in this book, there is also music, beauty and hope. Well-crafted!


"There is still Beauty left in the world. It is here." - from the book "The Butterfly and The Violin" by Kristy Cambron

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“Prelude for a Lord”

Prelude For A Lord It is inappropriate for a lady to play the violin in Regency England. Seriously? The rules we create! Ladies are allowed to play the harp, but not the violin! Oh my. Anyway, Alethea (I love her name) is passionate about music and proficient with the violin, much to consternation of those who know about her talent, in society. The violin she owns, which was bequeathed to her, has a mystery surrounding it. Lord Dommick is persuaded to assist Alethea in discovering why there are unsavory people trying to steal her violin. So, a mystery and a romance. I liked it. I had some difficulty keeping the names straight and remembering who was who, however, the author does include a list of the cast of characters in the beginning of the book, which helps considerably. I especially liked Ian. He was a good friend and amusing at times. It’s a good book. Enjoy!