“Painting the Moon,” by Traci Borum

I am still basking in the afterglow of this story. I enjoyed this clean romance, where the author transported me to a charming cottage in England. This is the type of story, where the reader might want to curl up in a comfy chair, with a steaming cup of hot tea or chocolate and savor the beautifully written story of love, art, memories and life in a small village in the Cotswolds.

After her Aunt’s death, Noelle is informed, she is the sole heir of her beloved Aunt’s estate, which includes a cottage and an art gallery. Noelle leaves her home in California and travels to England to settle the estate, thinking this is a quick trip and she will return to her sunny state in America within just a few days. Well, a couple of days become a few days and a few more days . . .

Noelle reconnects with friends from her past, unlocks secret doors and solves mysteries, while making new friends and becoming an important addition to the small village known as Chilton Crosse.

I loved this gentle, quiet, peaceful read. I hope you enjoy it also. Happy reading.




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