“Prelude for a Lord”

Prelude For A Lord It is inappropriate for a lady to play the violin in Regency England. Seriously? The rules we create! Ladies are allowed to play the harp, but not the violin! Oh my. Anyway, Alethea (I love her name) is passionate about music and proficient with the violin, much to consternation of those who know about her talent, in society. The violin she owns, which was bequeathed to her, has a mystery surrounding it. Lord Dommick is persuaded to assist Alethea in discovering why there are unsavory people trying to steal her violin. So, a mystery and a romance. I liked it. I had some difficulty keeping the names straight and remembering who was who, however, the author does include a list of the cast of characters in the beginning of the book, which helps considerably. I especially liked Ian. He was a good friend and amusing at times. It’s a good book. Enjoy!



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