Tales From the Wilderness – The Deer Whisperer

It is most peculiar to me. I don’t know if everyone has similar experiences, however, for some reason, deer like me. I am referring to the female deer or doe. The reasons for this could be many. Deer and I have come face to face with one another many times in the wild. When Rick and I made our trek to Glacier National Park, we were hiking one of the many mountainous trails. Rick and I were separated for a few moments, when I heard a noise behind me. I turned and maybe two feet from me was a beautiful doe! Was she curious about me? They are not known for their friendliness. We stared at one another, not making a sound. I didn’t want to scare my beautiful forest friend.

The elegance of light and wildlife

Another instance, of a deer encounter was in the Black Hills. Once again, I was hiking in the forest. I heard a sound behind me. I turned and just a couple of feet in front of me was a beautiful doe. I smiled as I stood still, not moving a muscle. I didn’t want to scare my timid, woodland friend. Moments later, she turned and fled into the trees. I was speechless.

imgfave - amazing and inspiring images

I think my favorite encounter with a deer was at the Big Horn Mountains. We were camping at a woodsy location. She silently stood behind me, grazing on the lush vegetation. I didn’t hear a sound, not even a rustle of the tall grass as she moved. I turned and gazed into her face. She seemed unconcerned as she looked at me. Moments later, she turned and slowly walked away.

Maybe, this isn’t unusual? Maybe everyone who travels into the wilderness finds themselves face to face with a deer. One thing is certain, they are beautiful, silent and I am blessed to have these experiences.

Pictures are from pinterest.


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