Do you remember?

Of all the random thoughts I could be thinking, I have been thinking about the Book Mobile! Does anyone remember the Book Mobile? Do you still have a Book Mobile in your area?

I remember when I was a child I loved the Book Mobile. I had a library card and I would order books and pick up books at the Book Mobile when it came to my area of town. Surprising to me now, I remember, I loved biographies. The story of Helen Keller and Pocahontas were two of my favorites. Of course, Nancy Drew was a driving force in my current interest in mysteries.

But, I remember, I knew the day and the time the Book Mobile would arrive. With my library card in hand and the books I had finished reading, I would hurry along, excitement building as I anticipated the books I was about to pick up and scurry home to read. Meeting the Book Mobile was such an important event to me. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen a Book Mobile in a very long time. Sadly, they are probably the victim of budget cuts. I think there were four years of my life, as a child, where I didn’t visit a public library, I always got my books from the Book Mobile!

The Bookmobile! Such excitement in the school when we knew it would be  bookmobile day !


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