It’s feels like Christmas morning!

Yesterday we had a marvelous, simply marvelous time. We enjoyed a girl’s night. We had a tea party and we watched girl movies. We enjoyed our tea on the front porch, or what we call the “all season room.” Since pink is the favorite color of the guest of honor, our front porch was an explosion of pink. We ate little tea sandwiches, strawberries, chocolate cookies with chocolate frosting. I mean really? What is a tea party without chocolate? We had delicious cupcakes with pink frosting. There were pink, Princess napkins and a pink tablecloth, pink flowers and pink balloons! We loved the delightful, light conversation and stuffed our faces. Our tea was an English Breakfast loose leaf or a cinnamon spice tea that was simply marvelous! Our guest of honor daintily dunked her cookie in her tea. Charming. I might add here, the men fled the building when they saw all the pink.

After our delicious tea, we watched girl movies. I was so excited. I saw “Frozen” for the first time. I loved it. I felt sorry for the newly crowned, young Queen. She was so alone. I wanted to hug her and never let her go. Her sister was funny and a piece of work! The animation was so well done, I think I got a chill just watching the movie! Then, after a sigh of relief at the end of “Frozen,” we watched a “Tinkerbelle” movie. I can’t remember the name of it, however, Tinkerbelle became friends with a little girl, who lived in a leaky cottage, with her scientific dad. It was a nice story. I might add here, the little girl liked tea parties!

We had a fun time and now I feel like it is Christmas morning!

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