“the woman”

The way I see it – if ya love a good mystery – you gotta read “Sherlock Holmes!” Although I have never created a list of favorites, “A Scandal in Bohemia,” has got to be in my top five, all time faves, of Sherlock Holmes mysteries! What a hoot! I love this mystery! I have read it several times, and I just finished reading it again. Every time I cackle! Oh Irene Adler! You got him good!

A mix dedicated to the infamous, Irene Adler. She is bold, adventurous, clever, devious, and lives life to the fullest. Whether you prefer Irene as the classy/envelope pushing thief in the Guy Ritchie's films, or the dominatrix in Steven Moffat's series Sherlock, or the classic Irene from the Jeremy Brett film, A Scandal in Bohemia, Irene is a character that's larger than life and will do things her way. Picture from pinterest.


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