“Brain Fever”

In Doyle’s mysteries, his characters, after suffering an emotional trauma, seem to develop an illness Doyle calls, “brain fever.” These poor characters are laid up in bed, sometime unconscious and always seem to be weak. I noticed, once again, in “The Crooked Man,” a character is the victim of “brain fever.” Well, I briefly researched this mystery illness and discovered, brain fever is an inflammation of the brain which causes a fever. It is life-threatening and it is the result of severe emotional trauma. Apparently, thankfully, we don’t suffer from this disease anymore.

In “The Crooked Man,” Sherlock Holmes arrives at the home of Dr. Watson, in the night, a few months after Watson marries. Holmes asks Watson if he can spend the night. Watson soon learns that Holmes has been investigating the death of Colonel Barclay. His wife, so overcome with the trauma of her husband’s death, she has brain fever. This Holmes mystery is not my favorite, in fact, I was a little disappointed at the end. It didn’t give me the feeling of satisfaction I usually get when I read a Sherlock Holmes mystery.

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