Dr. Watson

I am certainly not an expert on the Sherlock Holmes mysteries. I just know that I like them and I certainly haven’t read all of them. I’ve been reading Doyle’s stories for a couple of days now. Some of them I have read in the past and some were new to me, but one thing I do know – I like Dr. Watson.  He’s intelligent. He is a doctor and one has to have an IQ to be a doctor. I think he likes people and wants to help them in any way he can. Once again, he is a doctor. A doctor, I would think, normally would want to help people. He is always available to Sherlock. He has known suffering and injury without any apparent anger or bitterness.  He’s loyal and a good friend. Even after he marries, he assists Sherlock with his cases. Even though he doesn’t seem to think so, he is attentive and has an eye for detail and anything that goes on around him. This can be seen in his meticulous writings of Sherlock’s mysteries and puzzles. He remembers conversations. Once again this can be seen in his writings. I’ve always thought Dr. Watson was somewhat of a quiet man, who observes. He has literary skills. He can keep confidential information to himself. He doesn’t betray a trust. He knows Sherlock Holmes better than anyone!


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