Have you ever had a book call to you???

Now, don’t think for one moment that I’m hearing voices. I’m not. However, I have had books call to be from the shelf of the book store and the library. It’s an interesting calling, but one that can be heard, so to speak. The first time, I remember, experiencing this phenomena, I was perusing the local library. As I searched the shelves, totally focused on the task at hand – finding a good book – a book jumped out at me. Not literally, but I became aware of a single book on the shelf. Now keep in mind, I’m in a library, where there are hundreds of books standing straight and tall on the shelves – and one book catches my attention? It was calling to me. Well, you might ask, what was the name of the book and who was the author? The book was, “At Home in Mitford,” by Jan Karon. Not surprised? I’m not surprised either. I answered the call and checked the book out, brought it home and read it. I have had so many enjoyable hours reading and re-reading the Mitford series. Cynthia and Timothy have a lovely, tender romance that never ends. The citizens of Mitford are so quirky and loveable. Mitford is the place I go home too.

Another book that called to me, was from a shelf in a bookstore. Once again, the book seemed to jump out at me. It took me a long time to respond to this book. I don’t recall why I hesitated, but when I finally did purchase the book, at a rummage sale, I was glad I did. “Peace Like a River,” by Leif Enger is a wonderful story of tragedy, adventure, family. It is well worth the read! The prose is amazing.

I don’t really know how many books have called to me over the years, but I am always glad they did and I have never regretted reading any of them. “The Prayer Box,” by Lisa Wingate was another example of a book calling to me from the shelf of a bookstore. By this time, I had learned, the books calling to me had some message in them that they wanted to share with me, so I checked the library, discovered it was available and I checked out the book.

So, if a book calls to you in the future, read it! If you hear voices, you might want to have that checked out!!!

Books :)


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