Good morning! It’s a great day to finish reading a book!

After several days, it was slow going in the beginning, I finished reading, “Far From the Maddening Crowd,” by Thomas Hardy. In the first pages of the book, I had some difficulty with the author’s style of writing, I thought it was slow and difficult to understand. At times I found myself talking to the book! I would ask the story, “What are you talking about?” I almost quit reading it a few times, however, I persevered and I am glad I did. I liked it!

Bathsheba Everdene has come to Weatherbury – to farm. That’s right, she is the mistress of her own farm. I read somewhere, the year is 1874, so it might be a little unusual for a woman to own and operate a farm. She does very well. There are three men who want Miss Bathsheba. Mr. Boldwood is the gentlemen farmer. Gabriel Oak is the likable shepherd and my favorite character. And, lastly, the soldier, Sergeant Troy. What a well described mess! Heartache, suffering! I like this picture I included from pinterest. I think it reveals all!

Far From the Maddening Crowd by Thomas Hardy

Anyway, I enjoyed reading about rural life and I thought Mr. Hardy did a wonderful job describing life on a farm in Weatherbury. His descriptions of landscapes were well done. When all is said and done, I thought he wrote an enjoyable and interesting book.

Far From the Maddening Crowd, Level 4 by Thomas Hardy: Book Cover


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