“An Impartial Witness,” by Charles Todd

That was good! That was really good! The end! Ha ha! Seriously though, “An Impartial Witness,” is the second book in the Bess Crawford Mysteries. Bess is a battlefield nurse during World War I. In this mystery she is serving in France and it is not easy for medical people serving during the war. They repair one wounded service member after another, with few breaks, little to no sleep, small amounts of food and the wounded keep coming. The war effort is well described, in this mystery. However, there is another side to war. The worry, loneliness and heartache of the wives and family members waiting for their men to return to them – wondering – will they return healthy, injured, physically changed forever?

Bess Crawford nurses a seriously burned pilot during the war. He stares at a photo of his wife, which seems to help his recovery. When Bess returns to London, unexpectedly she sees the wife of the pilot at the train station. Bess recognizes her from the photo, the pilot’s wife is clearly upset, and she is speaking with a man on the platform of the train station. The man gets on the train and leaves and the pilot’s wife disappears into London. Later Bess discovers, the pilot’s wife has been murdered. In a newspaper, Scotland Yard is asking for help with this mysterious murder. Bess Crawford shares what she saw at the train station with Scotland Yard and becomes heavily involved in solving this mystery.

Well-written! It grabbed my attention and held it. I had difficulty putting the book down.

An Impartial Witness ($1.99) is the second title in the Bess Crawford Mystery series by Charles Todd.


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