“Night Watch,” by Linda Hall

Where do I begin? I loved it! “Night Watch,” aptly named, is well-written and at a good pace, captivating, a page turner, hard to put down and I was completely absorbed. I was so “into” this mystery, this morning, as I finished reading it, I didn’t realize I so cold. I had to get our little fireplace going and brew myself a pot of hot tea to warm up.

Emmeline Ridge (Em) has been hired by a billionaire to take his luxury sea vessel from Maine to the Bahamas. The cruise ends prematurely when a young woman falls overboard into the cold Atlantic waters.

I could almost feel the rocking of the vessel on the Atlantic Ocean. I could almost feel the wind in my face, blowing my hair in every direction and the spray from the salty water soaking my already shivering body! As I read – intently focused – I was with the crew as they searched for the missing woman.

I thought the mystery was presented in such a way, the author was handing me, the reader, a clue or a piece to a puzzle. I was to examine and place the clue or the puzzle piece in the proper position. She then would give me another piece to the puzzle or a clue, I would examine it and place it in the proper order until all the pieces to the mystery were given. The puzzle then being complete, I, the reader had a clear picture of the mystery and all was solved. While I read this mystery, I took notes and made lists of the clues that had been given! It was a great read!

I liked Em Ridge. She was a good Captain and well informed with tons of experience in the water and on sea faring vessels. I also liked Ben -the detective. I look forward to the next book in this series!

A sincere thanks to the author for e-mailing her book to me, in exchange for an honest review!

Night Watch: An Em Ridge Mystery by Linda Hall, http://www.amazon.ca/dp/B00NKPI2WK/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_oSbtub15AC1QG


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