“Winter Trees,” by Kim Stokely

Winter Trees  by Kim Stokely   http://www.faithfulreads.com/2014/11/wednesdays-christian-kindle-books-early_26.htmlI’m having a difficult time writing a review on this book. It might be because it’s midnight and I can’t sleep. I am a little tired. I have the tv on, however, I also have it muted. ha! Anyway, in the book, “Winter Trees,” Ginny is the Activities Director at Marigold Manor Assisted Living. I think she has a great job – rewarding and fun! She’s also grieving. Chester is the chef at Marigold Manor. He’s a great guy and he loves his family, but he has a past. Well, Edna and Frank, two of the residents, decide to do some matchmaking. The story was good and many of the characters were loveable and endearing. However, I thought the book was choppy and mechanical at times. I had trouble staying focused because it was mechanical in places. It’s a story about, love, loss, grief, second chances and hope – happy reading!


“Loving Lucianna,” by Joyce DiPastena

Oh my goodness! Yesterday morning, bravely venturing out into the cold wind chill, I stopped at a local coffee shop and read half of this clean romance. It was good. I finished reading it last night.

Sir Balduin de Soler has given up on love. He is a swoon-worthy knight and he didn’t believe he could support a wife financially, so he never married. Things change and at the age of fifty, he falls in love with Lucianna Fabio. She is a spitfire! Bless her heart. She has a painful secret in her past and as a result of this secret, she never married. Now, she thinks she is toooooooo old to marry! ha! I liked her. I thought she was comical at times.

Lucianna has an evil brother. He is really – not nice! He enters the story to cause trouble. Well! He should have known better! Sir Balduin is an experienced knight and he is in love!

I would like to say, it is a rare moment when I declare a male character in a book, swoon worthy! There have only been a few and Sir Balduin is definitely one of them. I think I might make a list on my blog of swoon worthy men in fiction. But, I digress. This is the first book in a series titled, “Hearts  in Autumn.” This is a medieval romance and I really enjoyed it! I gave it four stars on goodreads – only because – it seemed a little sluggish in places. However, “Loving Lucianna,” is such a good story, and I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series. Happy Reading!

Book cover for "Loving Lucianna" 2014


“Santa in a Stetson,” by Janet Dailey

Truth be told, I read this book because the title grabbed my attention. I think the title is hilarious! And, as it turns out, I liked the story!

This is the story of Lije Masters and Diana. Likable and believable characters, Diana Mills is a model and Lije is riding the rodeo and he owns a ranch in New Mexico. I liked both of them.

Santa In A Stetson by Janet Dailey


“Cowboy Under the Mistletoe,” by Linda Goodnight

Jake Hamilton, an experienced bull rider in the rodeo, left town several years ago, after an unfortunate incident with his best friend, Quinn Buchanon.  Now, he has returned to care for his feisty, ailing grandma. I loved Jake’s Grandma. She was something, as was her best friend!

Allison Buchanon has always been in love with Jake, but the rest of the Buchanon family . . . well, well . . . the Buchanon family are a royal pain! They are a close-knit family and they can really carry a grudge.

I thought this was a good story about grace and forgiveness.

Cowboy Under the Mistletoe (The Buchanons) by Linda Goodnight, http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00K9ZWK4U/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_NGGaub0NB2B0M



“Christmas in Cowboy Country,” by Janet Dailey

The cover of this book is a little deceiving. That’s right, as you can see, a cowboy is riding a horse in the snow, to a red ranch house in a sublime setting. Marshall Stone, although he grew up in Wyoming, he surveys land. I don’t remember him ever riding a horse in this book. He drove a shiny, black truck! In the beginning of the story I didn’t really like our muscular, good-looking, tall Marshall Stone, although he has a great name. I thought he was a little rough. He did seem to chill out during the course of the story and in the end I did like him.

Annie is a ski instructor, however, she has left the slopes because she broke her leg and she is temporarily living on her parents ranch in Colorado. I liked Annie. She loves her family and is actively involved in the community.

There you have it, a clean romance set in Velde, Colorado. Now there are a couple of steamy kisses in the story that might make you raise an eyebrow, but it is a clean romance. There is some mild profanity scattered throughout the story. I did like the book.

Winter is so well described in this story, I almost got frostbite reading it! Happy Reading!!!

3 stars for Christmas in Cowboy Country by Janet Dailey, Kensington Citadel Press  http://purejonel.blogspot.ca/2014/10/CowboyCountry.html

“A Cliche’ Christmas”

A Cliche Christmas by Nicole Deese. I loved this book!This is a sweet romance! It has laugh outloud humor and loveable characters. Weston is a great and funny guy and Georgia is a loveable lady with a grandma I want to bring home with me. I love quirky, eccentric older people in books and Georgia’s grandma definitely fits that description. If you love clean romance, read it! I really enjoyed this fun Christmas tale!

“An Unmarked Grave,” by Charles Todd

Once again, Charles Todd, gives the reader a clear look into WWI. In the beginning of this mystery, the medical people are fighting a battle on two fronts –  1.) soldiers are treated for wounds they sustained while fighting, and 2.) the Spanish flu has reached the battlefields. The doctors and nurses treating the ill and the wounded are overworked to the breaking point and some are ill with the Spanish flu themselves, many die. According to what I read, at several websites on the internet, the Spanish flu killed more people than the plague! Millions died! While Bess Crawford, my favorite battlefield nurse, is helping  treat the ill and the wounded, she learns someone has been murdered and his body has been placed with the deceased victims of the Spanish flu. So, though delayed, the search for the killer begins.

I like the Bess Crawford Mysteries. She has a strong sense of duty. She loves her family. So far, each mystery has been set in WWI and while all wars horrific, each war is unique. As far as I can tell, the research for these mysteries is great and I have learned so much about the war – the people fighting – their family and loved ones – the medical people – the shortages of food, transportation, medical supplies and the list goes on and on!

Really really good!

Book review of An Unmarked Grave by Charles Todd #besscrawford

To Soar With the Eagles!

So, today after church, I decided to take another pilot lesson, I think?? I’m shooting for the first week of December! I decided, to help my cowardly pitiful self with the next lesson -remember I now know what lies ahead of me – I am going to make a pro and con list.


* I did get nauseated – however, I did recover.

* When one pilots an aircraft at 1500 feet, it looks like 10,000 feet. I’ve been to the top of Pike’s Peak!!! What is the problem??? Altitude is altitude, right???

* I like a good adventure, however, this is a GOOD adventure! I faced a grizzly bear in the wild!!!

* It’s really scary up there!!!



* The sky is calling to me. Since I took that first flight, I was hooked! My eyes are fixed on the clouds.

* I was pumped for about three days after that momentous epic flight!

* I talked to everyone about my experience!

* It’s really cool to fly!

* I have a calm, relaxed instructor. This is good, especially since I am dripping with emotion from every pore in my body.

So, there you have it.

Keep Calm And Fly On Airplane Flying Sign by CottageSignShoppe


“Villette,” by Charlotte Bronte

Well! Alright then! This was a good story and an interesting read. I loved the beginning of the book. Lucy Snowe leaves England, travels to Villette and becomes a teacher at a French boarding school.The chapters that told of her life in England, leaving her country, her journey and her experiences traveling to Villette, were well written and such an adventure! I cheered her on as she went! However, I thought her time at the French school – slowed – and dragged. The conclusion to the story was well-written and Charlotte brought everything together nicely.

I want to mention the ghost! There is a ghost in the story! I personally don’t believe in ghosts. I believe everything can be explained and I don’t read ghost stories. However, on occasion, I find myself reading a book that has a ghost in the pages. So, I say, lead on Charlotte! I will read what you do with this ghost!. I am still laughing about the ghost. What a nice addition to the story and not at all what I expected!

Just an FYI- “Jane Eyre,” is still my favorite!

Charlotte BrontéPicture from pinterest.

It’s that time again!

This is the most difficult day of the season. I chose my picks! That’s right, I choose my favorite reads for autumn. I do this every season and it is so difficult. As I was struggling with my list of favorites – all the books I’ve read are my favorites – my husband asked me a brilliant question. If you had to leave suddenly, and you could only take three of the books, you’ve read this autumn, with you, which three would you take??? Well! I have my picks! I’m not going to list them in any particular order. These are the three books I would take with me, if I had to leave suddenly.

“Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good,” by Jan Karon. I love the Mitford books and Jan Karon’s newest book is a keeper and I would take it with me if I had to leave suddenly. Cynthia has always been my favorite character in these delightful stories. She has such a tender, childlike innocence and she is so full of love. She’s romantic and she loves gardening and poetry. Cynthia and Timothy are so in love with one another and they certainly have their hands full, loving the quirky characters of Mitford. If you’ve never read any of the Mitford books, you might want to read them in order.

Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good: The New Mitford Novel by Jan Karon

“The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes,” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, is definitely a book I would take with me if I had to leave suddenly. There’s nothing like a good mystery! This book is a collection of short stories Doyle wrote and they are all good. It’s a keeper!

My first real introduction the famous consulting detective, Sherlock Holmes, was in English class at the age of 15 with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Speckled Band. This was followed quickly by The Adventure of the Yellow Face and A Case of Identity.  I was one of the few who were completely enthralled with the detective and have maintained my interest in his methods ever since.

“Painting the Moon,” by Traci Borum, along with my pot of steaming tea and comfy chair, I would wholeheartedly take this book with me if I had to leave suddenly! This is a warm and cozy read, set in England, about art, memories, family secrets, and locked doors.

"PAINTING THE MOON" by Traci Borum (My daughter!)  This is her first book of the Chilton Cross series from a Cotswold village in England.  Women's fiction.

Well, there you have it! The three books, for autumn, that I would take with me, if I had to leave suddenly -only three can go with me! Happy Reading!!!