Musings on flying.

Good morning! I am thinking of taking flying lessons! Are you shocked? I am! To soar with the eagles – to  fly the friendly skies -haha! As I think on these things, I think of those brave individuals before me, who have lifted off the runaway, eager for the adventure that awaits them in the clouds!

WWI Flying Ace and his Sopwith Camel I only have a few concerns – I really need to share these concerns with my flight instructor – I thought I would share them with you first.

If I do take flying lessons, you will read a moment by moment account of my experiences on the ground and in the air!

This may be a minor concern, however, I am not a mathematician. I really don’t know how much math is involved. When I graduated from college, I flushed math from my brain and that was that! Funny. Anyway, another concern is – money. It does cost a pretty penny, however, it is self-paced, so I don’t need to put out the dough all at once! Phew! That’s a relief!

My #1 concern – landing the aircraft! How do they do that??? As I reflect on flying – taking off is fine. I can see myself barreling down the runway at an amazing rate of speed, lifting off and soaring into the open air! Exhilarating!!!

But, how do they land that plane???

Once I’m at the altitude I desire, I can picture myself doing my flying thing – checking gauges – talking on the radio – you know, I really have no idea what the pilot does. Every time I fly, I am almost hanging out the window (haha) taking pictures. The pilot could eject for all I know??? Pleeeeese don’t leave me up here all alone!!! haha.

As I’m coming in for a landing – 1.) I might be coming in to fast – do I fly over the runway, turn around and try it again??? 2.) What will happen if I approach the runway and I am flying to slow??? Well silly, hit the gas! 3.) What if I miss the runway and land in a field??? I can just see that – feathers flying – chickens clucking in terror – cattle mooing and stampeding – me screaming, clutching something! Oh the memories! I am sure the flight instructor will answer all of my questions!!!???

Well, if I’m going to do this, I’m going all out and I’m going to have fun with this! I want a flight jacket! Oh yea! I want a flight scarf around my neck – one of those leather looking head gear things – oh yes – and goggles!

Amelia Airhart costumeThis is the flight outfit I want! Oh yea!

I think I’m almost ready. UP UP and AWAY!!!


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