It’s that time again!

This is the most difficult day of the season. I chose my picks! That’s right, I choose my favorite reads for autumn. I do this every season and it is so difficult. As I was struggling with my list of favorites – all the books I’ve read are my favorites – my husband asked me a brilliant question. If you had to leave suddenly, and you could only take three of the books, you’ve read this autumn, with you, which three would you take??? Well! I have my picks! I’m not going to list them in any particular order. These are the three books I would take with me, if I had to leave suddenly.

“Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good,” by Jan Karon. I love the Mitford books and Jan Karon’s newest book is a keeper and I would take it with me if I had to leave suddenly. Cynthia has always been my favorite character in these delightful stories. She has such a tender, childlike innocence and she is so full of love. She’s romantic and she loves gardening and poetry. Cynthia and Timothy are so in love with one another and they certainly have their hands full, loving the quirky characters of Mitford. If you’ve never read any of the Mitford books, you might want to read them in order.

Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good: The New Mitford Novel by Jan Karon

“The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes,” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, is definitely a book I would take with me if I had to leave suddenly. There’s nothing like a good mystery! This book is a collection of short stories Doyle wrote and they are all good. It’s a keeper!

My first real introduction the famous consulting detective, Sherlock Holmes, was in English class at the age of 15 with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Speckled Band. This was followed quickly by The Adventure of the Yellow Face and A Case of Identity.  I was one of the few who were completely enthralled with the detective and have maintained my interest in his methods ever since.

“Painting the Moon,” by Traci Borum, along with my pot of steaming tea and comfy chair, I would wholeheartedly take this book with me if I had to leave suddenly! This is a warm and cozy read, set in England, about art, memories, family secrets, and locked doors.

"PAINTING THE MOON" by Traci Borum (My daughter!)  This is her first book of the Chilton Cross series from a Cotswold village in England.  Women's fiction.

Well, there you have it! The three books, for autumn, that I would take with me, if I had to leave suddenly -only three can go with me! Happy Reading!!!


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