“Villette,” by Charlotte Bronte

Well! Alright then! This was a good story and an interesting read. I loved the beginning of the book. Lucy Snowe leaves England, travels to Villette and becomes a teacher at a French boarding school.The chapters that told of her life in England, leaving her country, her journey and her experiences traveling to Villette, were well written and such an adventure! I cheered her on as she went! However, I thought her time at the French school – slowed – and dragged. The conclusion to the story was well-written and Charlotte brought everything together nicely.

I want to mention the ghost! There is a ghost in the story! I personally don’t believe in ghosts. I believe everything can be explained and I don’t read ghost stories. However, on occasion, I find myself reading a book that has a ghost in the pages. So, I say, lead on Charlotte! I will read what you do with this ghost!. I am still laughing about the ghost. What a nice addition to the story and not at all what I expected!

Just an FYI- “Jane Eyre,” is still my favorite!

Charlotte BrontéPicture from pinterest.

2 thoughts on ““Villette,” by Charlotte Bronte

  1. This books sounds very interesting!!! I’ve been meaning to read this book. I’ve also read Jane Eyre this year and I really, really enjoyed it. It was very hard to break away from Jane Austen but I’m glad I did read Jane Eyre at last. I’ve watched about all the versions of Jane Eyre there is. Thanks for the review! 🙂

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