To Soar With the Eagles!

So, today after church, I decided to take another pilot lesson, I think?? I’m shooting for the first week of December! I decided, to help my cowardly pitiful self with the next lesson -remember I now know what lies ahead of me – I am going to make a pro and con list.


* I did get nauseated – however, I did recover.

* When one pilots an aircraft at 1500 feet, it looks like 10,000 feet. I’ve been to the top of Pike’s Peak!!! What is the problem??? Altitude is altitude, right???

* I like a good adventure, however, this is a GOOD adventure! I faced a grizzly bear in the wild!!!

* It’s really scary up there!!!



* The sky is calling to me. Since I took that first flight, I was hooked! My eyes are fixed on the clouds.

* I was pumped for about three days after that momentous epic flight!

* I talked to everyone about my experience!

* It’s really cool to fly!

* I have a calm, relaxed instructor. This is good, especially since I am dripping with emotion from every pore in my body.

So, there you have it.

Keep Calm And Fly On Airplane Flying Sign by CottageSignShoppe


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