“An Unmarked Grave,” by Charles Todd

Once again, Charles Todd, gives the reader a clear look into WWI. In the beginning of this mystery, the medical people are fighting a battle on two fronts –  1.) soldiers are treated for wounds they sustained while fighting, and 2.) the Spanish flu has reached the battlefields. The doctors and nurses treating the ill and the wounded are overworked to the breaking point and some are ill with the Spanish flu themselves, many die. According to what I read, at several websites on the internet, the Spanish flu killed more people than the plague! Millions died! While Bess Crawford, my favorite battlefield nurse, is helping  treat the ill and the wounded, she learns someone has been murdered and his body has been placed with the deceased victims of the Spanish flu. So, though delayed, the search for the killer begins.

I like the Bess Crawford Mysteries. She has a strong sense of duty. She loves her family. So far, each mystery has been set in WWI and while all wars horrific, each war is unique. As far as I can tell, the research for these mysteries is great and I have learned so much about the war – the people fighting – their family and loved ones – the medical people – the shortages of food, transportation, medical supplies and the list goes on and on!

Really really good!

Book review of An Unmarked Grave by Charles Todd #besscrawford

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