“Christmas in Cowboy Country,” by Janet Dailey

The cover of this book is a little deceiving. That’s right, as you can see, a cowboy is riding a horse in the snow, to a red ranch house in a sublime setting. Marshall Stone, although he grew up in Wyoming, he surveys land. I don’t remember him ever riding a horse in this book. He drove a shiny, black truck! In the beginning of the story I didn’t really like our muscular, good-looking, tall Marshall Stone, although he has a great name. I thought he was a little rough. He did seem to chill out during the course of the story and in the end I did like him.

Annie is a ski instructor, however, she has left the slopes because she broke her leg and she is temporarily living on her parents ranch in Colorado. I liked Annie. She loves her family and is actively involved in the community.

There you have it, a clean romance set in Velde, Colorado. Now there are a couple of steamy kisses in the story that might make you raise an eyebrow, but it is a clean romance. There is some mild profanity scattered throughout the story. I did like the book.

Winter is so well described in this story, I almost got frostbite reading it! Happy Reading!!!

3 stars for Christmas in Cowboy Country by Janet Dailey, Kensington Citadel Press  http://purejonel.blogspot.ca/2014/10/CowboyCountry.html


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