“Loving Lucianna,” by Joyce DiPastena

Oh my goodness! Yesterday morning, bravely venturing out into the cold wind chill, I stopped at a local coffee shop and read half of this clean romance. It was good. I finished reading it last night.

Sir Balduin de Soler has given up on love. He is a swoon-worthy knight and he didn’t believe he could support a wife financially, so he never married. Things change and at the age of fifty, he falls in love with Lucianna Fabio. She is a spitfire! Bless her heart. She has a painful secret in her past and as a result of this secret, she never married. Now, she thinks she is toooooooo old to marry! ha! I liked her. I thought she was comical at times.

Lucianna has an evil brother. He is really – not nice! He enters the story to cause trouble. Well! He should have known better! Sir Balduin is an experienced knight and he is in love!

I would like to say, it is a rare moment when I declare a male character in a book, swoon worthy! There have only been a few and Sir Balduin is definitely one of them. I think I might make a list on my blog of swoon worthy men in fiction. But, I digress. This is the first book in a series titled, “Hearts  in Autumn.” This is a medieval romance and I really enjoyed it! I gave it four stars on goodreads – only because – it seemed a little sluggish in places. However, “Loving Lucianna,” is such a good story, and I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series. Happy Reading!

Book cover for "Loving Lucianna" 2014


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