It’s a great day!

I am so excited! I watched the entire Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade this morning on tv! I’m usually so busy with meal preparations, I only get glimpses of the parade. This morning, I’m not cooking, so I watched the entire parade! While all the floats were amazing, my favorite float was the “girl power,” float. I don’t know much about “girl power,” but the float was colorful and loaded with the basics of engineering. It I remember correctly, the creators of the float wanted to encourage girls to go into math and engineering. Alright!

All the big galloons were ginormous! I don’t think I had a favorite.

Santa was last, but not least and he was so into it! I laughed and enjoyed him. He was really getting into the Santa role. He was waving with both arms and hands. He stood and just seemed to be having a great time!

Enjoy this wonderful holiday with family, friends, food and remember to give thanks. We have so much to be thankful for!

Santa ClausPicture from pinterest!

Five Unique Things I Am Thankful For:

On Thanksgiving we usually give thanks for family, health,  and friends, I am thankful for everyone, including you! I decided to create of list of five things, that are unusual I am giving thanks for-

* Wool socks! Hey, don’t laugh. They really keep my feet warm in the winter.

* Collection of bears! That’s right I have MANY bears.

* My Russian samovar!

* Dark chocolate!

* The warm, cozy coffee shops in town!



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