“Winter Trees,” by Kim Stokely

Winter Trees  by Kim Stokely   http://www.faithfulreads.com/2014/11/wednesdays-christian-kindle-books-early_26.htmlI’m having a difficult time writing a review on this book. It might be because it’s midnight and I can’t sleep. I am a little tired. I have the tv on, however, I also have it muted. ha! Anyway, in the book, “Winter Trees,” Ginny is the Activities Director at Marigold Manor Assisted Living. I think she has a great job – rewarding and fun! She’s also grieving. Chester is the chef at Marigold Manor. He’s a great guy and he loves his family, but he has a past. Well, Edna and Frank, two of the residents, decide to do some matchmaking. The story was good and many of the characters were loveable and endearing. However, I thought the book was choppy and mechanical at times. I had trouble staying focused because it was mechanical in places. It’s a story about, love, loss, grief, second chances and hope – happy reading!

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